Our work at BAE Systems Electronic Systems site at Rochester has been featured in the June edition of The Manufacturer magazine. The following are excerpts are from the feature…

A bit of background…

“Back in July 2010, Develop-u were invited by BAE Systems Electronic Systems to become an integral part of the organisations’ long term strategic and developmental vision for their Rochester site. One of their KPIs is to become one of the small number of UK companies to achieve the much desired Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. Through a creative and collaborative Develop-u and BAE have created an innovative programme designed to support the operational objectives highlighted within their Shingo brief.”

Why BAE Systems works with Develop-u

The relationship was established by Michael Tierney, site executive and operations director at Rochester when he joined the business around two years ago. Tierney had previous experience of [Develop-u] from his time working on an extremely successful performance improvement project with General Motors in 2009 – 2010 and felt strongly that its approach would deliver results for the Rochester site. Tierney’s conviction was based on the synergy between Develop-u’s training model and the ethos of the Shingo model for operational  excellence which the Rochester site had chosen to pursue as a means of benchmarking technical and cultural progress.”

What has been delivered?

“The most recent improvement projects have generated multi million pound savings for the site across the areas of efficiencies and productivity, resulting in increased levels of staff morale as well as generating real positive interest and expectations for about to enrol onto B-IT programme.”