Project Description


I was invited to visit a then sister company of APEX Linvar (formally LINPAC Storage Systems), Linpac Packaging based in West Yorkshire and was introduced to develop-u.

“Two things very close to my heart were that I needed our employees to realise their potential for continuously contributing to the long term successes and sustainable.

“Improvements which would drive our business ever forward, as demonstrated across all departments in our sister company” says Mr Rudniak.

Training & re-education

“We chose develop-u, a small training company because they were a little bit different from the larger training providers we had previously researched, even their business cards state, ‘develop-u, Training Re-Invented’, How very apt!

What was also truly refreshing to me was the fact that develop-u wanted to be a part of the cultural and behavioural changes that we desired for our business”.

After an initial successful pilot phase involving employees from all departments including Apex’s senior management team, It was agreed to roll out a further 3 phases engaging more than 90% of the organisation’s workforce. Everyone co-operated in achieving an NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques.

Mr Rudniak recalls, ‘Straight from the off it was clearly noticeable that the passion, positivity and enthusiasm generated by the entire develop-u team was having a beneficial knock-on effect. Very quickly an air of ‘Positivity ‘was evident, individuals took ownership and there were even whispers of a ‘No blame culture’ being nurtured. The whole place had a new energy.


In summary, I would say our original objectives of the ‘Factory Dream Project’, increased productivity, employee engagement and reduced process variation have all been realised with remarkable year-on-year financial returns. However, for me, the crowning glory is that it has turned APEX Linvar into a true learning organisation, through the identification and facilitation of team learning and development.

From 2007 to where we are today we have undertaken a massive journey. For example,

On-Time-In Full delivery performance (OTIF) in 2007 was 62 per cent. Our annualised result for last year was 98.6 per cent – a huge improvement.

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