Project Description


In July 2010 Develop-u were invited by BAE’s Electronic Systems (ES) business to become an integral part of the organisations long term strategic and developmental vision for their Rochester operation.

One such vision is to become one of a small number of UK companies to achieve a bronze award in the much respected Shingo prize for operational excellence.

Through a partnership approach, Develop-u continues to work with ES to create an innovative programme designed to support the operational objectives highlighted within the Shingo brief.

Training & re-education

ES are recognised for investing substantially and consistently in the development of their employees. During the first meeting with the Senior Operations Team, led by Mike Tierney (Operations and Supply Chain Director for ES Rochester), it was clear that they wanted the programme to support three areas of workforce development: the programme needed to:

  • Up-skill the workforce in Business Improvement Techniques
  • Introduce the workforce to alternative behavioural techniques i.e. NLP, Positive Thinking and Emotional Intelligence
  • Embed the new culture through frequent practice and constructive feedback.

Mike Tierney said “choosing the right training provider was extremely important to achieve the positive changes we desired”. Mike had previously worked closely with Sam Morris, Develop-u’s Managing Director, on an extremely successful culture change programme delivered into General Motors, Luton in 2009/10.

This programme delivered its main objective by helping the site secure the contract to build the new model Vauxhall Vivaro van which in turn secured 1000 jobs for the foreseeable future.

To date, ES have supported 200 of its employees to successfully complete this innovative model of Business Improvement Techniques and have future aspirations to enrol 500 more of its employees to enjoy and benefit from the same experience.

This courageous development journey will not be fully realised until late 2014 and shows great determination by a forward thinking employer to engage its entire people.


Clive Simmonds, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, technology & strategy, Electronic Systems Rochester, is clearly happy with the programme outcomes, “Currently we are achieving excellent results both in the process improvements, financial savings and changes in the attitudes and behaviours of all involved”.

The sort of savings realised by the first three cohorts are;

  • Cohort 1 – Five projects with projected total savings of £2.2m
  • Cohort 2 – Five projects with projected total savings of £0.506m
  • Cohort 3 – One project with actual savings of £1.272m + 4 projects still to be assessed

The site has also realised increased levels of staff morale as well as generating real positive interest and expectations for those about to enrol onto the B-IT programme.