Project Description

Develop-u have been working with Camira since 2009.  Camira make fabrics that are used in commercial interiors, education, healthcare, retail and passenger transport.  They manufacture over 8 million metres of fabric a year in the UK and Lithuania.  Camira’s innovation and environmental credentials have been recognised over the past ten years through Queen’s awards for Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Our collaboration with Camira has developed over the past 7 years.  The programmes we have delivered are indicative of their journey.

Between 2009 and 2011 we delivered a Business Improvement Programme; working with 220 nominees from across the business.  The programme introduced the principles of waste reduction, the behaviours for successful small group activities and lean tools & techniques.  Working in project teams of around 8 people, each team were challenged to deliver 3 operational improvements.  During the course the programme 80 improvements were implemented generating savings of around £1/2m.

Recognising the impact the programme generated; characterised by people’s energy and the increased volume of improvement suggestions, Camira wanted to maintain the momentum and create a sustainable way of working.  To achieve this they asked for volunteers to become Lean Leaders; people trained with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to coordinate activity within each function.  27 people volunteered and were trained to act in this capacity.  In addition to root-cause problem solving techniques the delegates learnt how to coach and engage people.

Our most recent piece of work with Camira has been a further development of the Lean Leader programme.  As Camira have advanced towards Operational Excellence, four full-time positions have been created.  Four Lean Master Coaches now report into the Continuous Improvement Manager.  Develop-u have provided these people with education to successfully embed new ways of working.  The core elements were advanced communication, problem solving, project management and coaching.