Project Description

This was the first client for develop-u back in 2005 – where our unique delivery model was created and fine-tuned. The Darron Oil Tools produce specialist precision products for the oil and gas mining industry.

After being taken over by a large European industrial group in 2000, they were facing the prospect of being wound down due to problems they were experiencing in converting their order book into turnover – they just couldn’t manage to get their product out the door.

Develop-u moved onto site for 2 years and spent that time implementing Business Improvement Techniques training and development and applying Lean principles to all aspects of the operation. This even involved setting up and running their apprenticeship programme for them.

The results were stunning: Turnover grew from just £9million in 2005 to an amazing £29million in just three years. Today, while the recession has had its effects on this impressive growth, this company is still maintaining their success and continue to make strides in productivity.