About Develop-U

Develop-u is a talent development organisation with global reach. Systems thinking, lean business principles and sustainable behavioural change are at the centre of all our programmes. We offer a step by step approach and a pragmatic method of energising and re-motivating any business. Our clients include businesses in aerospace, nuclear, pharmaceutical and food and drink.

Our courses are delivered in a contemporary, engaging style that captures the attention of delegates. We encourage candidates to explore and discover knowledge, develop & deploy new skills and establish new ways of working.

We leave people with a new perspective of themselves and how others perceive them.  We encourage participants to ‘contract’ with another and this takes commitment to work more effectively with another back to work.


Everyone has the potential to be amazing

Learning is a journey, it has to be inspirational

All behaviour is learned behaviour

Businesses who invest should expect a return

Collaboration is critical

Our Mission

Help You Achieve Results
We’re passionate about effecting positive change that enables people to perform to their highest standard and deliver fantastic results for their business.

Leadership & Management
Operational Excellence
Sales & Marketing

Our core team

Sam Morris
Sam MorrisManaging Director
Simon Jones
Simon JonesOperations Director
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan CooperLearning Solutions, Change Facilitation, Organisational Development
Glen Broughton
Glen BroughtonLeadership Development, Personal Transformation, Change Facilitation, Coaching
Doug Calderwood
Doug CalderwoodLean Sigma, Team Engagement, Change Facilitation, Coaching
Sylvia Morrall
Sylvia MorrallProject Coordination, Finance, Lead Coach Assessor